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Workplace Harassment of any kind – verbal, physical, sexual, or otherwise – is not only wrong but also illegal. You don’t have to suffer in silence if you are exposed to such unwelcome behavior at your workplace. On the contrary! Both state and federal laws protect you from this injustice and afford a legal channel for holding accountable those responsible for it. As the regulations surrounding these claims can be intricate and convoluted, ensure that a trusted lawyer accompanies you through the filing process so that justice may prevail.

At the Tudor Law Firm, our esteemed workplace harassment attorneys are highly experienced in employment law and understand what you’re going through. We will vividly explain your options to you, review your case thoroughly and help you pursue a fair outcome with firm resolve. You don’t have to go through this alone – we’ll be your advocates every step of the way while firmly tackling any illegal conduct within the company that caused harm to you or anyone else involved. Let us put our knowledge into action and stand up for justice on your behalf!

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The Tudor Law Firm offers much more than just legal expertise and experience. We are here to serve as counselors, walking our clients through the most difficult times of their lives. To prevail in a court case, one must possess years of courtroom knowledge plus an understanding of how people come to their conclusions when hearing such cases – both qualities that we have mastered at The Tudor Law Firm!

Our expertise, experience, skills, and commitment to our clients are a surefire way to guarantee success. Therefore, no matter the severity of your workplace harassment claim, it’s essential that you treat it with utmost importance from the start. Reach out to us now for a free case evaluation and let us help get the justice you deserve!

How To Begin A Workplace Harassment Claim

Establishing proof of workplace harassment can be a tricky task, as some cases involve small behaviors that may only last for moments and often go unseen by others. Yet one of the most reliable ways to demonstrate this kind of issue is through documentation; record every offensive or intimidating comment you recall in order to construct an ironclad case. Record the events that occurred, and who was present and corroborate it with a date and location. Additionally, jot down your job responsibilities before or after the behavior took place. If you were feeling scared or unnerved by what transpired, note how this impacted your normal workflow performance so there is evidence of its effect on you professionally.

Be sure to write down every act or statement, even if it is from somebody different. Doing this will help you demonstrate that the harassment practices in your workplace are accepted and not imagined by yourself. Recording all of these incidents as they occur can also go a long way toward showing that your feelings of being offended are legitimate.

Bringing up a workplace harassment claim to the person who is causing you discomfort can be intimidating. However, it’s essential that you make it understood that their behavior is not acceptable and must come to an end. If your harasser doesn’t cease with their actions, then legal action may need to be taken afterward – but only once you have tried addressing the issue directly first. Speak out about how what they said or did has hurt or threatened you; demand them to stop so no further harm will occur in the future.

By using email to document difficult conversations in the workplace, you can avoid verbal confrontation and have a written record of proof that your requests were made known. Don’t forget to save any replies for further evidence when filing your claim; copy these emails into the list of incidents presented with it. This way, if needed, you’ll be able to demonstrate that all necessary steps were taken prior to raising an official complaint.

Then, choose the most suitable place to alert you of the harassment. If you have a positive relationship with your boss or supervisor, first tell them about the offense. Or if that doesn’t feel right for you, contact Human Resources and make an appointment for a meeting — no need to give away any information at this point if you rather stay discreet. The majority of organizations already possess specific processes designed specifically for discrimination and offensive behavior claims like these ones.

Allow your company or workplace enough time to receive your complaint and act upon it. Then, if you are unsatisfied with the way your employer has handled your complaint, or the behaviors do not stop, you may wish to contact an employment attorney.

Once an employment lawyer is involved, they will file a formal claim of workplace harassment or discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC will begin an investigation of the employer and will examine the entire record from the conduct itself, including the context, to the histories of the victim, the harassers, and how the employer handled any initial complaints. Based on this investigation, the EEOC will determine if the harassment is considered severe enough to be illegal and if the employer can be held liable.

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